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A family trip to the Seychelles…

I know I’m one lucky bunny at the moment as I have won quite a few things recently! (Well I always feel lucky to be honest because I have a lovely husband, son and a daughter on the way 😉 ). But this Christmas I won a dream holiday courtesy of Mums the World (check out their amazing travel blog here)!! Can you believe it!! 4 nights stay in a 5 star hotel in Seychelles!!!! Yep, its true, I did win that! 🙂

So I was a good wife and invited my husband (and of course little JV!) on our first family trip to the tropical Islands of Seychelles. JV went on his 13th flight (!!) – but this one was only 4,5 hours and we stayed in the same time zone, yay!! These things wouldn’t have bothered me so much one year ago but nowadays it is very much appreciated when we travel with little JV that we can keep the bedtime routine going a bit 😉 As usual JV was kidnapped by the lovely Emirates air-hostesses and the trip felt very short.

I know many will think that…

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